A Few Words About Us

An intense appreciation of fine art techniques in a casual atmosphere. Asa’s Alley offers an ideal opportunity for artists of all ages looking to hone their skills and build a portfolio, or casually explore new methods of creation. As always, we are looking to bolster our instruction by adding new programs; stay tuned for our progress!

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Our Instructor

Charlene Shikany

Fine Artist

Charlene Shikany is an instructor in drawing and painting. She started painting at an early age, she majored in art at Mercer University. Her major focus has been portraits. Charlene's paintings are in private and public collections through out the U.S.

Her classes are ideal for students who want to prepare a portfolio for high school or college applications. All students develop a strong foundation of basic drawing techniques. If you already have extensive drawing experience, we will work together to help you advance your skills.

As her move beyond drawing basics, you will select your preferred medium or you may learn several, such as oils, acrylics, or pastels. Painting and drawing classes cover still life, landscape, and other subjects. As you advance, we can progress into abstract approaches and imaginary subjects.

Her approach is to ensure that each student receives a tailored course of study designed to meet their own objectives.

Charlene’s Art